List of Doctors in Tangail Sadar

List of Doctors in Tangail Sadar

Someone Searches for the best hospitals in Tangail, and Someone Searches list of hospitals in Tangail. So today I have shared with you the list of doctors in Tangail -
List of Doctors in Tangail
List of Doctors in Tangail

Tangail Doctors List

Name and Designation Institution Contact Number
Dr. HR Khan, Disin Expert - 0173213533
Dr. Md. Ayub Ali, Pediatrician Asia Hospital 01718033762
Dr. Tanjina Latif Juthi Sonia Clinic 01711158798
Dr. Nurul Amitan Mia, Medicine Specialist Sonia Clinic 01711538978
Dr. Titu Mustafa, Dentist Sonia Clinic 01711249110
Dr. Abdul Mateen, Pediatrician Sonia Clinic 01715815427
Dr. Devi Bhadra, Gynecologist Doctors Clinic 01711737371
Dr. Kazi Sohail Iqbal, General Surgery Specialist Doctors Clinic 01717105735
Dr. Noor Mohammad, Dermatologist and Sexologist Doctors Clinic 01711043042
Dr. Syed Ibn Saeed, Medicine Diabetics and Cardiologist Doctors Clinic 01711177919
Dr. Kamrul Islam Khan Yousafzai, Pathologist Doctors Clinic 01711181033
Dr. Anichur Haque, Paediatrician Sheba clinic 01711140385
Dr. Suranjit Kumar Mondal, Medicine Specialist Sheba clinic 01714819256
Dr. Ishrat Jahan, Gynecologist Sheba clinic 01715660692
Dr. Shahida Begum, Gynecologist Ayesha Khanum Clinic 01911118746
Dr Khan Md Saiduzzaman, Medicine and Chest Specialist Ayesha Khanum Clinic 01726243854
Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam Reza, Pediatrician Ayesha Khanum Clinic 01711308003
Begum Mumtaz Begum, gynecologist Dhaleswari Clinic 01715332958
Dr. Md. Enamul Haque, Diabetologist Diabetic Hospital 01715943738
Dr. Md. Rasheduzzaman (Roni), Dentist Diabetic Hospital 01715943738
Dr. Yachmin Begum, Diabetologist Diabetic Hospital 01711935292
Dr. Zainab Akhter, Diabetologist Diabetic Hospital 01711018169
Dr. Md. Samchul Haque, Ophthalmologist Diabetic Hospital 01714311955
Dr. Salma Jahan, Gynecologist Dhaka Clinic 01715332915
Dr. Manjurul Haque, Medicine Specialist Dhaka Clinic 01711369670
Dr. A. Rakib Tushar, Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist Afia Clinic 01746006749
Dr. Shamsul Haque, Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist Afia Clinic 01714311955
Dr. Shamsul Alam, Pediatrician Fatima Clinic 01711169483
Dr. Akhtar Jahan, Gynecologist Mukta Clinic 01190142530
Dr. Saidur Rahman Khan, Medicine Specialist Mukta Clinic 01718571047
Dr NI Zakir, Paediatrician Mukta Clinic 01710859930
Dr. Farid Ahmed, Surgery Specialist Mukta Clinic 01711016730
Dr. Najma Khalil, Gynecologist Rajdhani Clinic 01731085220
Dr. Ashraf Ali, Medicine Specialist Rajdhani Clinic 01711233730
Dr. Nurul Islam Shamim, Pediatrician Rajdhani Clinic 01711323492
Dr. Taiful Alam, Surgery Specialist Rajdhani Clinic 01716836678
Dr. Syed Emran Alam (Mithu), Homeoologist Mumtaz Homeo Hall 01715177026
Dr. Sahida Alam, Principal Tangail Homeo College 01727090600
Dr. MH Mukul, Paediatrician own home 01711468991
Dr. Dilip Poddar, Surgery Specialist Sonia Clinic 01715626362
Dr. Rehana Parveen, Gynecologist Medico Hospital 01712765850
Dr. MA Rahman, Pediatrician Medico Hospital 01711106731
Dr. Md. Farid Ahmed, surgery specialist Medico Hospital 01711016730
Dr. Motiul Hossain, Dermatologist and Sexologist Medico Hospital 01712606066
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