Blackburn Animal Hospital South Vic - Doctor List, Appointment, Address, Contact Number, Hotline, Location Map

Blackburn Animal Hospital South Vic - Doctor List, Appointment, Address, Contact Number, Hotline, Location Map

Blackburn Animal Hospital Provides High-Quality Animal Medical Services in Blackburn South Victoria. The Hospital Founder is Bill Harkin. This Hospital was founded in 1966. Blackburn Animal Hospital is Located at 80 Canterbury Road (Cnr Donald Street), Blackburn South, VIC 3130, Australia.

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    Blackburn Animal Hospital
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    Blackburn Animal Hospital Contact Information

    Address 1: 80 Canterbury Road (Cnr Donald Street), Blackburn South, VIC 3130

    Blackburn Animal Hospital / Emergency Number / Appointment Number/ Hotline


    Blackburn Animal Hospital Hours

    Monday to Friday

    7:30am - 8pm


    9am - 1pm

    Sunday & Public holidays


    Blackburn Animal Hospital Clients Say

    “Friendly staff. Great service. Really great dedication to helping pets and communication to pet owners. Pricing is also great. I would highly recommend.” - Carol
    “The staff are so professional and care about their patients as if they were their own. Keep up the great work.” - Alex
    “The loving care given by all of the staff is just wonderful. I have been going to the hospital for well on over 20 years and nothing has changed as far as the wonderful care they give.” - Lindy

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

    20-minute consultation

    Cruciate ligament and patella repair surgeries

    Advanced surgeries

    Brachycephalic surgery and management

    Cancer surgeries and treatment

    Dental procedures

    Skin allergy

    Osteoarthritis and pain

    Monoclonal antibody therapies with Cytopoint, Solensia and Beransa

    Regular health checks and vaccination

    Puppy Preschool

    Cat Boarding

    All other veterinary services

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Book Appointment

    Meet Blackburn Animal Hospital Pet Team Members

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Veterinary Healthcare Services

    • 20 Minute Consultations
    • Dog & Puppy Vaccinations
    • Cat & Kitten Vaccinations
    • Dental
    • Medicine, Imaging & Pathology
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Holistic Veterinary Medicine

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Veterinary Surgery

    • Advanced Surgery
    • Knee Surgery (ACL & MPL)
    • Brachycephalic Surgery
    • Pain Management

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Veterinary Pet Care Services

    • Puppy School
    • Kitten Kinder
    • Cattery
    • Behavioral Advice
    • Nutritional Advice
    • Parasite Prevention
    • Pet Insurance
    • Grooming

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Doctors List

    Dr Bill Harkin

    Dr Seung Kang
    Senior Veterinarian and Hospital Director 
    BSc 2000 BVSc 2009 CVA IVAS 2012 & PGDipVSc 2019

    Dr Alyssa Mckee
    Senior Clinic Veterinarian 
    BSA 2008 & DVM 2012

    Dr John Choi
    Senior Clinic Veterinarian 
    BVSc 1995

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Nurses List

    Simone Schaefer
    Registered Veterinary 
    Nurse & Practice Manager

    Emily Cooper
    Senior Veterinary Nurse

    Prue Ward
    Veterinary Nurse

    Susanna Chan
    Veterinary Nurse

    Amie Rossborough
    Veterinary Nurse

    Shantelle Blain
    Trainee Veterinary Nurse

    Oliver Li
    Trainee Veterinary Nurse

    Lucia Basso-Crittenden 
    Trainee Veterinary Nurse

    Blackburn Animal Hospital Location Map

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